Thursday, April 7, 2016

SUPER CLEAN!!!! with Charcoal no less

Remember when you were about 5 and making mud pies in the rain was the best thing you could ever do?

Well, Glaskow Skinner introduced me to some great products with charcoal recently.

One was from Lush Cosmetics called Dark Angel and no not the TV show by James Cameron 

Well I picked some up and I can tell you...right after coconut oil,cream,schmere this stuff works too!

This little jar goes a long way and you really do not need a lot but, I did have some trouble figuring out the lid (it pops right off ).
Almost immediately I had charcoal dust over me and my keyboard and bed, so be careful.

The stuff is really really dark. It is hard and so when you are told to take just a pinch ...a pinch will do and it will spread really fast and furious. I also was a little more than concerned given that suddenly I had black charcoal dust everywhere in the bathroom sink.

I thought I would put this on my notoriously blackhead riddled nose and when I said Rudolph could have used this ...I mean it. A little goes a very long way and while I did have more grainy texture if you do as the instructions tell you and make a little paste you will find the coverage and results better.

Overall, I will use this as my skin is going thru some weird phase and while I have some stubborn stretch marks this Dark Angel magically made those lighten and look almost invisible.

I would suggest maybe using this for a really, really deep cleaning not every day because one problem I had after I tested on my nose...there was charcoal there for a little longer than I preferred.

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