Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tears when Sweating

Recently,  I realized I was getting way emotional in the gym.
I thought it was because of the movie I was watching.

It wasn't.

I am not going to credit any professionally trained actor for this post but, I do have to get something off my shoulders so to speak.

In my efforts to lose weight and be more healthy I am consistently frustrated by the gimmicks presented in the doctors office.

Short term weight loss solutions will only last maybe 6 months so, I can staple my stomach and hold my breath till I die to get to my idealized weight.

Then Pablo Sandoval reports to Spring Training. He blames his culture / heritage for eating obsessively. The way food makes you feel its not unlike being loved.

So, why was I still stuffing my face after so many hours in the gym to take off the very thing I just ate?

Weight loss involves your top muscle just as much as it involves your stomach.

Your brain is probably wired a 1000 different ways. While you are euphoric during the initial stages of your newfound exercise and weight loss suddenly you need something more.

The trainer to remember your name.


Acknowledgment for your continued efforts to remove about 5 pounds of hardened fat off your belly.

A mobile cheerleader.

Ice Cream sans calories. Yes, zero calorie ice cream is the most I would want today.

Removal of about 25 fast food restaurants within the 1 mile walking distance near my work.

Could we work on the guilt I have for spending $1500 on food in less than 5 days?

Could we talk about the nutrition of food versus the cost versus the value?

What about the physical limitations that my body imposed when I tried Zumba? Yoga? What is with my ACL today?

Trying to look past the disappointment of broken machines and immature gym staff talking to the pretty girl and not you.

Then you start crying during exercising while watching a movie and wonder what is wrong with you.

Maybe nothing at all. Maybe you are just growing up a little more becoming self aware and getting emotional is that last bit of 5 pounds you need to get rid of. Maybe you watch a post of someone who has had issues with eating and you realize you don't have a problem. Maybe you are doing what you need to do for you and that is all that matters.

Thank you Kelli @ for your words. I sincerely appreciate it.

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