Monday, April 18, 2016

This Election is frightening the adults in the voter booth

Here is my two scents response to that...

Don't hold your nose too long you will suffocate.

The presidential candidates are a field of presumed adults, but it is rather hard to believe it since their campaigns appear to be run by teenagers running a popularity contest and not for the Oval office.

When I ran for office I was not willing to be supported by an lobbyist / opposition party organization because the truth was I did not want to break my last straw in a small city general election so early in the game so to speak.

Are any of the candidates worthwhile? I don't know we are a little bit more than 5 months away from general election and that is more than enough time for the world to change its mind 1000x over.

You gotta do you and if your gut is in knots now you may need surgery by November so, you can wait till you are in the voting booth and decide then because that is when your vote will count the most.

Good Luck and pay no attention to the Zika virus warnings or the side effects to a medication being sudden death or the 15000 things that you really should be paying attention to.

Just be sure to vote.
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