Friday, April 8, 2016

Walking and Running and the Difference

Since I have started my exercise over ten years ago I have had fits and stops consistently. Why has my membership to Retro Fitness been so "successful" is my own personal demons and the job market demands employees be fit in some sense of the word. A daily workout meets that criteria to a point.

So when I read about The Walk in Spain I thought that would have been a great thing to do. Its 500 miles close to me walking from San Francisco to San Diego.
Recently, I read about Ben Davis doing his walk he is going from LA to Boston

Yet, that has been done with Jessica Goldman SF to New York raising money and enduring a lot of upheaval in her efforts. That said she is trying very hard to get it done.

Now The Walk is more a spiritual journey but the reality is there is opportunity and help for those trying to do world records and make a difference.

Its the difference you are trying to make and in Jessica's case she was raising money. In Ben's case its more selfish which is not bad but, the reality is The Walk is not selfish its about giving yourself the opportunity to reconnect with a moment in time.

One other item about walking or running across the US is that its not new or unique unless you change something about it. A simple Google search comes up with numerous resources and anecdotes that well...make it hard to not cheer everyone on their attempts to walk across the 48 states before whatever happens in the future that won't allow that.

I get that need to accomplish something strenuous because we all saw Forest Gump do it and that inspired us to do it too.

After prodigious experience one should be transformed and better for it.

Well, there is the difference indeed that makes one rethink even doing anything so endurance testing because the difference won't be in how people see you or what people say about you.

But what you think of yourself. That is the opinion that matters the most.

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