Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wine Tasting...I do it ...everywhere

It is a sad state of affairs that I am more anxious about going to a convention than wine tasting. let's recap some recent wine tasting

JLohr has a downtown wine tasting room on the Alameda leading into Downtown San Jose. Complimentary tasting menu is a definite plus that I usually start with this room first on the wine weekends.

My second place to go to is Carmel and go to Silvestri Vineyards tasting room downtown. For a small fee you can try some of the most harmonious wines. You probably will find yourself remembering a lot of great movies as Alan Silvestri has composed more than 75 films music. Some are your favorite no less! 
The next place I will head is a little further south and whole lot hotter. Paso Robles usually has some wine event going on. 
San Antonio Winery opened up their second location in Paso Robles near Cuesta College and Allegretto Vineyard Resort
I could say you should stay at Allegretto for their wine tasting but also for the amazing grounds that are very relaxing. 

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