Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Working It! New Job and Employment Posts

I have been yammering about getting a job or employment for more than 25% of this blogging space with an unbelievable amount of resources, time and effort.

I am very surprised by the number of people I have met recently that are experiencing the secondary recession from 2012. What I mean is that there are people who where unemployed during the recession of 2007-2011, got a job in 2012 and four years later (today) find themselves looking for work.

On the flipside I know about 20 employers looking for employees from Architects to Engineers to Customer Service in all fields from Civil Service to private software companies.

I feel stuck in the middle with this knowledge but, with friends and acquaintances asking me if I would come work for them.

I just can not monetize it, how do you sell observation and knowledge?

Just like that I got a request for internships from both seekers and employers.

I would guess that when it rains it will pour.

So, how do you WORKIT! ?

First off, keep your references close and updated. I am serious even if you have a job double check all your letters of recommendation or reference.

Second, Network your time better. See an free event is great but, a little more exclusive event may bring you great rewards later on down the road. Ten years ago I paid a mere $85 to be attend an seminar by a Marketing company today the person who gave that presentation is someone I go wine tasting with and constantly asks me to work for them ( I adore them but I like my wine buddy more;)

Thirdly, update your tech. I am sorry if you don't or can't afford an apple watch but, I do recommend you figure out the difference between Drone and VR NOW!!!  this really isn't an option as after I attended the Silicon Valley Comic Con did I learn there is over 20 Virtual Reality firms in Oz here. Guess what, each of them is hiring.

Finally, Settle on being flexible. Figure out if you want to work in an high powered office or be a fish in a fish bowl alone manning the telephone lines. Do you want to be in manufacturing or in creating the next big thing? I know I like working in a group but I also love my new found ability to leave early on Fridays ( its addicting ). So, I am a fish in a fish bowl but trust me my weekends are awesome.
If you don't know take a couple career quizzes and check out those webinars in fields you may have a passing interest in like sales. You never know where you may end up.

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