Sunday, May 1, 2016

Defending Zipcar

If you follow me on twitter you may notice I have a new follower who has retweeted some negative experiences with Zipcar.

Now, I am not nor have I been an employee of Zipcar or Avis Budget Group that owns zipcar.

I have been a member of the car sharing community since 2012 my first car I drove was an Audi and I was super stoked because I thought Audi vehicles were the ultimate cool thing to drive.

Yes, there are issues a ton of issues I have had with Zipcar of late but, I don't think its a deal breaker at least not today.

Hence why I went on defense so to speak asking what the big whoop about a an issue with an mobile application. If you are using your phone you can certainly call them up and order a car too.

I realize I don't use a mobile phone app for anything ...barely for twitter. I am still lugging around a 3lb laptop for everything or using a desktop or actually calling people on my phone.

Sure convenience is great but that is just it. Zipcar DOES NOT HAVE TO PROVIDE SERVICE just like a Bank or a Doctor.

Your membership with Zipcar is an agreement that both parties can discontinue at anytime.
Using a car sharing service is NOT A PRIVILEGE.

Maybe I shouldn't be using caps but come on people ...its the 21st Century we should be able to think for ourselves.
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