Saturday, May 14, 2016

Phew! That is over...let's talk about things to do for Memorial Day Weekend

I am out of my funk so I am going to tell you what I am planning on doing or maybe just giving you an idea of what to do for Memorial Day Weekend.

You are welcome.

BottleRock is happening AGAIN!!! Florence and the Machine is going on and that is probably reason enough to go

What you rather check out Baltimore, MD again? I totally understand since the Maryland Vintage Wine and Food Festival is going on.

Maybe you rather cut a rug in Dallas, Texas. Well, there is a free Sabre class just for that !

I could tell you about one event in New York, but if you are there you should check in with Glaskow first at GuestListBlog

Okay, Baltimore, New York, Napa and Dallas...even if you are not there ...

Head to the beach !

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