Monday, May 2, 2016

The Burden : Dear Dominic Purcell ...

***Editorial Note: This is not just an open letter but a notice to those whom choose to make a difference, see the strife and can not help fix it, those who don't believe in Utopia but know we can do better. Oh and to let Dominic Purcell know the reality of what he sees isn't just fiction****

Dear Dominic Purcell,

In an recent Instagram post you stated the facts about what you see from the leaking cloud situation to the mentally ill strewn about the streets of Vancouver.

Your dismay, anger and frustration are real and justified. Yet, you are blaming the city of Vancouver for taking advantage of the thousands of dollars that Hollywood is bringing to the city in the form of entertainment manufacturing and not fixing the problem you see everyday for over the past year.

Just like most people who look at the warranty or insurance or member services agreement you did not look past the first page of your view.

So, I am here to help you with that burden of looking further and seeing maybe, a possible resource and assistance to the situation.

The first point is that there are services in Vancouver and while I will probably list these again at the bottom so you can individually check them out lemme give you a tidbit here. The Family Services of Greater Vancouver  provides counseling to individuals and families. The FSGV recently had a resource fair on April 5th but, you were busy filming #PB5, so you didn't get a chance to check it.
One of the other services is funded by the BC Mental Health and Substance Use Service which is Here to Help they have online, telephone and in person.
Next there is the Canadian Mental Health Association Vancouver Fraser Branch close by with additional in person / on the telephone services. The next service is regarding the homeless shelters and services provided by both BC Housing and Senior Services Society that do outreach and again provide shelter.

The second point maybe a little harder for you to swallow, so relax your throat. You may have been inspired to post the sour taste in your mouth you feel when you see the homeless by click bait and inflammatory search engine optimized worded marketing piece. Yes, you may have been duped, try not to take it too hard. A cursory internet topic search and I was able to find not one but 13 paid for pieces about the homeless/mentally ill in Vancouver these are websites promoting drug rehab or pharmacy services. I then clicked on the News articles and there were more details about the recent deaths and recent legislation court cases about services.
Did you know about the Vancouver RFP to work on a homeless project utilizing shipping containers was submitted in January? Then there is the work over at The Oaks seemingly counterintuitive and yet this respite is working the problem.
The thing is if you see it in person, read it online you are already the target for some very select key worded marketing about the troubles in Vancouver. There is good but you may not be looking at the source.

My third point isn't to belabor the issue, but it is a burden you see. A burden you feel. Your disgust and distemper at the appearance of lack of care or support is real and it weighs heavy on you. The innate human desire to help and care for those less fortunate or unable to help themselves. It is a burden I fight every single time I go to work. It is a real weight that I carry about 75 pounds worth. The burden that is real and frustrating. You think you can just walk by, ignore it and the smell associated with it. You are just trying to do your job, get to the next appointment, dinner or activity but, it lingers and builds up. The frustration at the 'powers that be' and disgust that you can't make it better.

Or can you?

Take the paparazzi on a tour of the street with you.
Offer to lend your voice to a project or service that you believe is going to change the reality you see.
Donate money to a program.
Write an Open Letter and remember your audience may not read it except to hear your voice.

What will you say?

My last point is I am not even in Vancouver or close to the streets that  fill with the homeless but, I do see them and I make a choice to manage my burden to make it thru. I choose to look beneath the cover page and reach the goal. Did you know there is tax credit opportunities  in Vancouver? Yet, you will move on tomorrow to another entertainment production and you will find something else to note or burden with. I guess we can not be everywhere, can we? How we choose to use our time here on earth let's try not to limit ourselves to pointing out the negatives unless we can provide the solution to.

Patricia Appelquist

Post Script:  I safely believe you will delete before this Open letter is published if you are true to your modius oprendi of deleting 'difficult' posts so I won't bother linking to it

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