Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Burden : Giving Money Away

I usually try to volunteer at least 6 to 12 hours every 3 months.
So far I have not been successful so, to alleviate my self imposed guilt I donate money.
Now in my last Burden post being an open letter about homeless and the different resources and some key word items.

I am not going to admit how much money I have given away but how carelessly I have given away money.

You might want to go read CupofJo instead

I have documented pretty much here in this blog space how to give away money and who to give money to.

There are times when I don't listen to my own advice and that was when I supported an dog shelter in California and foolishly gave money to a couple single parents.

Not once did I really get my Return on Investment and did I get a ThankYou.

Should I expect an R.O.I and a Thank you? Probably not, but then again the simple act of giving money in support of something is suppose to be selfless. The motivation to look for gratitude or gratification is because one's intentions are not completely selfless.

Let's start with the dog that I wanted to adopt. I went to the local pet store and there he was a cute year old pit bull / terrier mix with tan and white markings. I filled out the paper work and did not take him home because I needed to check with my then landlord.
I never brought the dog home.
Instead I ended up sponsoring the dog for the next 6 months and over $500 more given I realized the cold harsh reality.
After all that money, I did not get one thing ...a letter, a thank you, a call, and / or email about Blake (Pluto) nor did I get the prerequisite Tax deduction letter of how much money I had donated.
If I spent a little more time I would have seen that this is a shelter and all funds donated or not are for the shelter to continue but the shelter itself is NOT a nonprofit.

Now, I had already learned this lesson of not giving money away to profit agencies but, then I met up with a former high school guy  and basically my spinster self forgot all the common sense when I read his sob story and I gave him more than $500 ( 4x more ). Now it doesn't matter the contract or the empty promise or the failed relationship. He did not pay me back and in reality why did I give the money away ?

It is a burden to hold back my purse strings today on some worthy causes and it was rather difficult to remember why I am not always so willing to give money away.
Yet, I encourage everyone to give money away...


Money is still necessary for services to be provided ...even in British Columbia.

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