Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The End is near least for my blog : Reposts

Seriously, I have a great idea of what I am going to do when I stop blogging here ( hint: I am going to blog elsewhere )

Yet, looking over the stats and making this decision I realize I have been repeating myself a bit more than I should have.

From job hunting to house hunting to giving away your money I admit with over 25% of my blogspace being taken up by my repeats I should have thought of some better material.

Aren't we suppose to grow when we look back and see where we have been ?

Isn't it therapeutic to see how far you have come in 10 years ?

Why is blogging even considered ?

Isn't blogging dead?


Yes, Not Always, Because..., Not exactly.

Is how I would actually answer those questions.

The problem crops up when I go to consolidate the posts and then I remember why I typed up those posts and then I remember something unique about so-so and I get so distracted.

Instead I have done something amazing...

Written my final post and have it sitting waiting to be published.


Seriously, when you know the end is near its like I just wanna get there but sometimes the journey is the story you should pay more attention to.

Thus I refrain from eating my dessert before my dinner and I will still post a few more past blog posts because...Dang I am good.

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