Thursday, May 26, 2016

Three Day Weekends ...

There is approximately four three day weekends this year ...unless you are like me and start your weekends on Thursday night.

This Memorial Day weekend beckons like a porchlite to a moth.

But instead of traveling over the road to the BBQ on the beach ...try these events instead

Grab your white shirt and go do The Color Run on Saturday 
Or grab your wetsuit to swim to Alcatraz  on Sunday
Try Campfest instead of just camping in Forestville, CA ( yes that is an actual place here in California)

Then again you could do Carnaval celebration
May Fest is also happening

In Buffalo you can RWB

where in Detroit you can Hike for Good  and of course there is

Paws on Parade ! 

Trust me enough stuff is happening that staying home and helping others is way better than heading to the beach.
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