Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trying to do a Food Diary

I eat food.
I work out at a gym.
These two items are separate from each other in the fact one does not happen at the same time as the other...or technically doesn't.
What about to follow is a whole bunch of food diary may want to go read instead

 First is the french fries that cure everything from broken hearts to political disappointment.
 When I was told to start taking pictures of my food and keep a diary I thought it was easy. All this does is remind me how good that day was and how yummy that brisket was. It was also the last time I worked out at Retro Fitness so its actually a nice memory.

 The thing about food is sometimes the convenience and not necessary the best option but in hindsight this was for work and it was my lunch and it was good.
Having to eat out is a bit hard on ones wallet but this is Ike's Sandwich Cain and for dollar vs Nutrition it really is a value. The sandwich is huge. 

 A moment of weakness with added benefit of stress made me purchase this meal. I ate it and still couldn't believe the expense of the meal and not just the money but the high cost of wasted calories.
I have a Gold Starbucks Card and so instead of purchasing coffee I have been buying bottles of water... a lot apparently. 

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