Thursday, May 19, 2016

Work It! Making a decision

Decision Making ...its a job skill that you can no longer put on your resume but, do you know how to do it?

The fact is there is a lot of resources about what Good Example of a Decision Maker does

The University of Kent ( yes in the United Kingdom ) even has a decision maker wheel on their page.

The MindTools delves into the values of decision making

And No I don't believe this is a real foundation but I found the Decision Education Foundation page on proving the value of just such skill ( however self serving that information may be)

The fact is sometimes you have to make a decision regardless or without input from others. The problem is that if you don't make a decision and you wait on others to help you make a decision or act  you will become ineffective because you are just waiting for others and not being decisive.

Yet, I can honestly say in my person experience I would rather have learned from a bad decision instead of not making one at all.

BUT ...unfortunately there is a con to the ability to make decisions can make you appear decisive which isn't the greatest thing to be.

Decisive personalities are considered Dominant and can be perceived as acrimonious and careless. For Men its an aspiration in some circles but for Women its not always perceived as a positive.

That is the biggest issue in decision making and why so many people would like to reach a consensus so there is group think versus individual leader.

Thus, you also need to decide on your style are you willing to hold a project back because you have not heard from everyone? Or do you think there is enough information to move forward?

A big problem is not you but, how others perceive you and your role in the process.

So the question(s) still remains...

Can you make a decision ?
If so, great you are 90% of the way there
If not, think about why you don't want to or unable to make a decision.

Yes, a decision is as simple as whether or not you will have a Gelato Bar or Ice Cream.

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