Monday, June 20, 2016

Burn It! Sunscreen

I have to wear sunscreen it is not optional for me. I went a few days without and bam there is sunbumps. I do try to remember and I usually have a stick sunscreen with me but, being human I forget.

So without further ado here is some "some" of my sunscreen

Now I admit this isn't a lot but the reality is this is just half of my current collection.
Yes, I purchase generic because...well the one time I purchased a brand name and well...

I got Alba Very Emollient Sunscreen Spray for more than $8 which I should be happy with except there is technical issue with how the "spray" works you have to move the green safety latch (?) around to the "spray" a word that is hard to read even in the bright sun.

The Emollient spray is white and I think I used up half the  bottle just applying to my skin. I think you have to use it in layers because one nice thing is that "disappears" on your skin so much you start to feel yourself burn.
It was an impulse desperation purchase when I was going to walk home in the sun with a pair of shorts and top I knew I had to have sunscreen.

I could feel my skin crackle under the heat of the sun. I would stop and reapply another layer. This process made a 45 minute walk 90 minutes because I honestly thought the sprayer was broken and desperately needed to apply sunscreen to the back of my neck.

Fortunately, I made it home before I became walking bacon.

Equally, I still have a lot of Aloe Vera left to use :)

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