Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Camera On! Random Pictures

I am still trying to get my Olympus TG-610 to take pictures except I somehow get mp4 files because I accidentally hit the motion picture button (somehow and completely randomly).

To say I am frustrated is not an accurate description of my efforts to practice taking pictures so I get better at it and stop taking pictures of say...the ground...
Example 1 Ground picture 
That said I have to charge the battery and change the SD Card pretty often because I am taking such random pictures. 

I had made travel plans so that I could take a lot of pictures at a great event (VidCon) but I had to change my travel plans so now I try to take pictures randomly. 

Here are some recent results ( including the ground picture above) 

I think there is some pictures that turned out better than I expected.

I also have a hard time figuring out what I want to take a picture of. Then I think I have to take scenic pictures or just pictures of people or just random things in general like how something is laid out.

Then I forget the flash or something...

So I will keep practicing

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