Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DeCluttering It ! The Dryer edition

If you have not in some way Spring Cleaned or removed items from your possession in effort to clear up space. Then you should probably look away or go watch Archer on Hulu.

I have been the worst person to actually give the mere idea of decluttering to. Granted, I had some issues with the show Hoarders but, I stopped watching television so that issue resolved itself.

Now, I am a serial declutterier. ( I don't care if that is not a word, it is mine so there ).

My storage unit is all the emotional items that I need to take time ( a lot ) to clear up. My own closet is just a few items hanging still though I have lots of towels. I have found a way to declutter without the actual act of decluttering.

I am shrinking my clothes! The dryer is a great enabler for the novice declutter advocate. I have given so many shirts and pants away because "their too small-Oh! Darn!" in addition to shoes that are "these are too big-Oh! Darn!"

The dryer is my answer for everything from one half of a pair of socks to pajamas that no longer fit.

I love my dryer taking over 30 minutes to shrink my worn jeans and trust me no more need to wash clothes completely I can just shimmy out of a pair of stretched too much pants and away they go to the donation bag.

I should also admit something to some faraway friends...Yes, you were recent recipients of my own decluttering spree and I hope you liked the books, stickers and loot / nerd block items I sent you.

You are welcome.

Now if I could only afford a tiny house !

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