Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Heat Wave Hacks ....or just stay cool

This year (2016) was going to be a BIG year here in Oz. We started off with hosting the Super Bowl then the NBA Finals and NHL Finals started and ended.
Now COPA America is happened.

So, we have a Heat Wave now?

Here are some hacks I tried....
Cold Foot Bath:
Fill a Dish Basin with ice cubes (enough to cover the bottom) then add about 3-5 cups of water ( half way full is too full you will splash out water) place your feet in it for 15 minutes or so. Instantly cool.

Cold Peaches:
I know this seems counter intuitive but, if you have some ripe peaches throw them in the refrigerator the night before and when you get home from work...Enjoy over the sink as you cool off.

Socks in the Freezer:
I wear tennis shoes because I walk everywhere. I learned this trick from the bed sheets/ pillow cases in the freezer trick. My pups are pretty hot and sweaty when I get home. Slip on these socks and instant cooler.
Sit where you can have your feet at a high incline to help your feet get better.

Black out curtains with Sleeping Bags:
Admittedly, Black out curtains can be found at Walmart but, professional Black Out curtains can cost over $80 which is ridiculous when your place heats up to 100 degrees once a year. Take your sleeping bags and Beach pads and hang over the curtains. Instant black out and cooler room.

Pile on the Duvets:
Making your bed is hard but if you take 10 minutes to do it pile on extra comforters as you peel them away at night your bed is nice and cool.

Seal your Windows:
Check to make sure your windows are tight withing the frame. All the work you could be doing is not going to stop the heat seeping thru an open vent or window frame. Caulking helps but even with settling windows can be a culprit for a hot house.

Close All The Doors:
Everything, Closets to Bathrooms close up in the morning to ensure your cool air is trapped in and not heating up.

Take Fido to Daycare:
When there was a heatwave I kept the air conditioner on for Peanut but if I knew it was not going to be enough ( the sustained heat would be over 100 degrees for more than three days ). I would spend about $90 for Peanut to go and swim and hang out in an airconditioned doggy day care. Trust me he was better for it and so was I.

There is more information here via WikiHow

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