Friday, June 10, 2016

Its Friday! Repeat Post

Did you get it this week I had all the Its in my blog posts...
clever aren't I?
I am thank you for noticing.

Here is a repeat post from the past...Enjoy!

From 2008 Friday Lite 

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Lite now a series

Okay, this is Friday and one should enjoy Friday unless you work on the weekends then today isn't Friday.
I kind of question why Friday is more important than Wednesday but popular culture has beaten us minions over the head with the firm belief Friday involves God and we should be grateful.
While the bases for the cultural belief is rooted in religious upbringing and different dogma subscriptions. I still like Clam Chowder every day of the week not just because I am protestant either.
So when the calendar day turns over to Friday and you live in probably the last paradise before cosmic annihilation today is a present indeed.
The next Friday phenomenon is based in food called TGI Friday's the TGI is a saying where people would exclaim Thank God It's Friday. Now while I support most restaurant establishments where is the Proverbs and the book of Genesis in the mix with the appetizers and bar drinks? Yet you can go coast to coast and find a TGI Friday's in your neighborhood even the bible belt.
Lastly, Friday is a sport drama television show: Friday Night Lights on a cable network. Originally, scheduled on Fridays but somehow ended up on Tuesday night once or twice. High School students going thru adult drama while playing football in a small whatever.

So this little culture phenomena about Friday is interesting if you look back at the religious, popular culture, food aspects of it....but really what the frak? (love BSG yes I do!)

Friday Lite introspective just for you.
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