Thursday, June 9, 2016

Lunch! Its good

Hey ! Have you figured out what to have for lunch yet?

Its a quandary that perplexes several people and can yield not so satisfying results.

I have tried to eat only granola bars or protein shakes only to devour a bag of potato chips or plate of fries on day 2
So when I do find a great deal I do like to share it with people.

Enter PizzaMyHeart meal deal.
A slice of pizza, salad, and a drink.

Its amazingly good.
I have been guilty of going to PizzaMyHeart in 3 cities and more than once a day.

In fact I did ...when a family member visited for a weekend we had lunch at Pizza My Heart in Santa Cruz, Dinner at Pizza My Heart in San Jose and Snack at Pizza my Heart in Campbell.

Its not a problem so much as I may be slightly addicted to a good deal.

*** Editorial Note: Pizza My Heart did not sponsor this post and I may or may not have a restraining order against me from them but I do like their pizzas :) *****
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