Monday, June 13, 2016

Missing It! VidCon

I made a lot of plans this year to do a lot of things so far I am at 80% done and 20% cancelled.

One event I was seriously looking forward to is VidCon. This event has a lot and I do mean a lot of cool stuff.

Next, I was going with a dear friend. That said friend and I had a spat earlier this year and we have not really, really made up. I probably should have cancelled or made more permanent plans to go to VidCon by myself. 


Next, in a surprise item happened I had to make a hard right turn when I thought I was going left so I had to move some money from this pile to that pile and voila the trip to VidCon is now cancelled. 

So while I will be very bummed this entire week for not going to VidCon I will continue to keep an eye out for it and just try try not to over plan anything. 

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