Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Nearly 20 years ago I moved back

The other day I realized I have been back in California after spending three years in Washington State for nearly 20 years.

I am always amazed at the transformation of the San Francisco Bay Area and particularly my little patch of Oz.

When I did move back the Web 1.0 was just an infant with monoliths of IBM and Yahoo! forming around the area. Microsoft was the big boy in town and the word incubator and angel investor was not part of the vernacular.

Highway 85/87 was not a parking lot and the interchanges would not complete for another five years or so.

There was still water in the reservoirs from Lexington to the Campbell Perk Ponds. Bike to Work was still considered a fad and very few people did it consistently.

Tesla did not exist even yet and people still would complain about the traffic on Hwy 101.

If you drove to Monterey or San Francisco it took longer because the speed limit was 60 mph not 65 or 70 that it is today.

Carpooling did not have a lane on most freeways. AIDSWalk is something you did once a year and only in a few cities.

KFOG was the best radio station around and the AT&T Park was a construction zone.

Commuting meant you lived in Gilroy and worked in Mountain View.

Google was not invented.

1997 was a unique year in and of itself but since then I have stopped owning a car or be a guardian to a horse or dog. I have really developed a lot of wine knowledge and learned how expensive it is to not have a college degree.

I did not have a blog in 1997 but I refused to get an aol email address I think I had a yahoo one.

As I look back on the past twenty years I worry about a lot of things for our future  I remember the 2000 Election scaring away employers and all the events that happened afterward.

I can only remember this....

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