Friday, June 3, 2016

Voting Booth Issues....

There are some real problems in the world folks, real honest to god problems.

I could list everything from fraudulent healthcare claims to police shortages in major cities.

So, when the presidential candidates talk about their plans for the future I have to ask

"where are you now?"

The Utopian plots carefully crafted for corn farmers to tech oligarchs spewed about by candidates whom for the most part won't come to fruition or even get past the Supreme Court.

I can not watch the news or the Daily Show or read anything printed in newspapers because even the chat about the becoming a Grandmother by Lesley Stahl  turned political for me that I had to stop watching it.

Who will I vote for? What candidate platform will I support? How will I vote?

First off, the candidate must absolutely, unequivocally support Roe v Wade and the woman's right to choice. The fact that this right has been decimated in over 30 States is just obscene.

Secondly, the candidate must absolutely, unequivocally support Healthcare for All. Death panels be damned considering that over 40% of men on medicare can use it to get sexual impotence drugs there is no reason any american citizen should not have healthcare.

Thirdly, the candidate must absolutely, unequivocally be willing to willing to reduce the US carbon footprint. This means no more pipelines, reinforcing infrastructure with renewable resources, and preserving every forest possible this means replanting in cases of forest that have been destroyed by fire.

Fourth, the candidate must be willing to enact the death penalty. I know the US President could have little effect but with states refusing to execute members of death row it is a new kind of purgatory for those people whom have exhausted and accepted their sentences.

Fifth, the candidate must be willing to appoint the Obama administrative candidate for the Supreme Court.
It is an absolute shame that Congress has delayed the appointment and / or hearing for the candidate.

Sixth, the candidate must have a reasonable plan for Social Security Recovery. The decimation of the program has made me look to date older men so I have a retirement.

Seventh, the candidate should have government experience because if you understand the mechanism of Congress it will help you beat them at their own game.

Eight, the candidate must raise taxes. I am sorry our deficit will eat us today.

Ninth, the candidate must be willing to end the Correspondents Dinner he or she can simply have a Google hangout instead.

Tenth, Finally the candidate must actually exist and I don't know if this one does.
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