Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Watch It! Sonya Paz watches

I was reminded that I have a finite style realm that is unique and original.

One part of my style is Sonya Paz watches. She had a shop in downtown Campbell which made my picking up her items easy. I usually purchased coasters or business card holders from her.

Yet, two items I dare not part with and really adore are two watches she made in a series with the sales benefiting the Silicon Valley Humane Society.

These two watches are my absolute favorites and I love to wear them until the battery or the strap breaks because I wear these everywhere.

I have tried to replace these time pieces that do double duty as wearable art but even when I have invested in a watch I find it doesn't last or reflect whom I am.
So, in a way I do have dog ...and he tells me the time :)
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