Thursday, June 2, 2016

Well there went that Shark...

Have you noticed a slight ...passive acceptance of really blase movies of late?
Its like the makers are trying too hard or too much or playing it completely safe.

That said I think we are past the tipping point on all the comic book hero movies..yes I said it I am not drinking or high.

But, how can we be passed it? We have 6 more years to go with the DCU/MCU/DisneyStarWarsReboots

Exactly...if studios / movie makers / hell even writers were half as smart as the million dollar signs glazed over their eyeballs made them the stories would have been shot already, packaged, and ready to go.

Instead we ( the gullible audience ) is forced to endure reshoots, reboots and ultimately bad film making ( do you really need an example ..just name any movie besides Deadpool and you have your answer ).

If anything...the movie makers have been paying too close attention to the critics. Worse, didn't anyone learn anything from Miller or the movie you want to make not the one the studio is going to approve or release an R Version of later that will show some T&A, Swear words, and maybe a better plot device instead of using ones mother's name in vain?

Case in Point

Just remember where you where when you realized an industry literally jumped the shark 

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