Saturday, June 4, 2016

Work It! Keep a routine

One thing about keeping or getting a job is that you do keep a routine.

Seriously, if you time while working looks a little like this:

  • Get up at 6:30am 
  • Shower, Dress out door by 7:30am
  • Arrive to office at 8:30am
  • Coffee, catch up on email
  • Lunch noonish ( could be 1pm )
  • Get todo list done for tomorrow by 4:30pm
  • Leave Work
  • Head to Gym
  • Workout 5:30pm to 7pm
  • Home 8pm 
  • Veg / Laundry
  • Bed by 10:30pm 
and repeat ...when you find yourself looking for work...keep a routine simply by 

  • Get up at 6:30am
  • Review Emails ( maybe someone replied to the 100 resumes you sent out )
  • Shower / Dressed ( maybe not too formal unless you have an interview ) 
  • Arrive at Library/Coffee Shop/Work Center
  • Have a cup of coffee 
  • Lunch (noon works you may even want to go see a noon time event )
  • Get a todo list in or review 
  • Check other job websites 
  • Head to the Gym ( maybe earlier or later depending if there is an event )
  • Home 7pmish works
  • Laundry / Get lunch ready for tomorrow
  • Bed by 10pm 
Keeping a routine helps you maintain your stamina for work world. 
Equally, you can attend events that fill up your day from lectures to Community meetings. 
Keep your resume handy you may find yourself walking past an Now Hiring sign and dropping off your resume is a great way to get an interview too. 
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