Saturday, June 11, 2016

Work It! Skills Up to Date - YouTube It

While you sit at your desk shifting your weight to look like you are busy while your boss looks over your shoulder you are losing valuable time and effort maintaining your skills.

Is the software you use the current edition?
Is the hardware the most recent, affordable product?
Do you know what Slack is?

The hard reality is that you are not at Google, Tesla or Facebook but that doesn't mean you have to stay in the dark ages even for nonprofit work you don't have to use outdated software just because of budget issues.

Yes, knowing how to sync the Apple Watch or Samsung Watch or Pebble is going to a be steep learning curve for most if they do not have the corresponding product that is effective.

But don't let that stop you from knowing about the latest and greatest.

My first stop for everything technical is CNet and Inc. I follow both on social media and if there is something I need to know about battery explosions or self driving cars I know I can find the crumbs to coffeecake with them.

Next, I know I mentioned YouTube and for most software programs I can find a ten minute to fifty minute video on it. Yet, YouTube is literally just one place. Let's say you really want to figure out how to sync your Freshbooks to your mobile phone ...well you may do better going to manufacture website.

Finally, Self Driving Cars are not as awesome as the vacuum cleaner toy for a cat seriously but, technology moves pretty fast so check out your local tech college/consortium mind meld group to see up and coming techies in person.

Keeping your skills up to date whether refresher skills test with Brainbench or going to a community meetup is imperative for every worker today.
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