Sunday, June 12, 2016

Working Out! Circuit Training

Since I have joined my new gym I found a 30 minute circuit training that is pretty awesome and it does what it promises as long as I go to the gym.

When I was at Retro Fitness I was there for a minimum of two hours at first because I show up at 7pm and my bus wouldn't be there till 10:10pm so I would hang out in the Movie theater and watch a whole movie while I did the exercises on the machines. I would finish about 9:30, take a shower and be at the bus stop at 10pm home at 11pm. It was awesome except I wasn't losing weight very fast and I would skip days.

Now, the new gym is 24/7 less than 4 miles away (3.9 miles ) so I should be going every day for at least 30 minutes right.

Not exactly, the recent heatwave aside. I never feel completely spent on the circuit training so I doubled my time on it and I was little more spent. Then I felt like I cheated. (who? I don't know)

So, I added to 'circuit training' with an 15 minute rotation on three cardio equipment machines so, 45 minutes added to 30 minutes is still not enough because I am use to spending a minimum of 90 minutes in the gym working out.

Trust me I have called myself a slacker more than once in the past couple of weeks.

Now I have circuit training for 30 minutes, Abs for 15 minutes then 45 3 cardio machines for 90 minutes.

I am not strenuous but I am getting a good workout in so says trainer.

Yet, I have to add in the 4 miles walking sometimes to feel really 'on target'

Fortunately, I am getting it done...I am also drinking a ton of water courtesy of the heatwave.

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