Sunday, June 19, 2016

Working Out! Diet and Drink Sizes

As you know I have a collection of water bottles usually at my disposal 24/7 otherwise I just go get some more..
so when I am out and about I usually get a small or grande version of something like coffee

Yet there is this great deal for getting any size drink for a dollar. Given the recent heatwave I thought this was awesome then I saw the sizes of drinks.

At McDonalds I couldn't find the size on the cup itself and had to go online to find out the large soda is 30 fl. oz. compared to a Chocolate Shake from McCafe at 12 fl. oz. Aside from a size difference there was about 580 calories for one and only 280 calories for the other. Yet, one cost only a dollar and had no nutritional value where the other cost $4 and had more nutritional value. 

I thought I would check other things because something seemed odd 

When I checked Burger King a large Coke had 380 Calories but was 40 fl. oz.  Again a value thing there is more fluid ounces with Burger King versus McDonald. Yet the Chocolate Shake didn't state the fluid ounces and had 680 calories. 

Why am I even paying attention to this because we all know smaller portions equals less calories.

Yet, dieting comes at a cost and makes some feel disadvantage. 

Yes, there are SNAP programs and discounted grocery stores and my Ethos Water costs $2 for 23.7 fluid ounces ( watch this for why I stock up on water ).

So add up your pennies and nickels and you get about $5 a day. Now you don't buy much with it so you try to figure out what's the best way to spend it. 

The Four for Four or the Five for Four meal deals sound great but remember we are looking at the nutritional value too. 

The meal deals seem great but the killer is the drink size ...there will be more calories in larger vessels than smaller ones. 
People do pay more for smaller sizes because there is little profit margin there. 

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