Sunday, June 26, 2016

Working Out! Finding yourself walking on days off...

I have to take days off from the gym as I learned that spending 7 days in the gym just makes you sore and tired.
The only problem I have the metabolism of a sloth so if I have a hamburger my belly swells and I feel it more than I like to admit.

So I walk...far...seriously a lot.

I arrive at my train depot and happily ready to walk...miles to work.
I clock out of work ...I will happily put one foot infront of the other and walk down the ways...over there the Bay at the end of the street then walk back as lunch is over.
After work ...grab my water bottle and head to the bus stop...over there...a little ways West and a bit further maybe over the bridge.

When I am not in the gym I walk..everywhere I can and as much as I can.
Sometimes my shoes are not all that comfort but I do try to walk as much as I can.

I am nearly back to my 5 miles a day. I have at least one mile to the bus then a full mile at lunch then finish my half mile to the next bus. From there I will do a final mile home.

It is awesome and surprisingly way better than walking in circles in the mall!
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