Sunday, June 5, 2016

Working Out : New Gym and Hot Weather

The past two days the temperature climbed near the triple digits sans any wind. As much as I would love to throw on a bikini my thighs are just too big and pale for that.

So, I joined a gym.

Now you knew the month of May  is really difficult for me in general but, something good happened.

I won a free gym membership for a full year!

I am very blessed except the heat is keeping me down low so to speak. I know I need to go into the gym but the heat is so abundant and keeping me up at night till the wee hours ( my room is a hot box). I just can't make my body move.

That said winning a new membership is nice. Equally, the gym is open 24/7 so I should probably try to go at 3am right?

This morning I tried to go first thing with zero success, my body feels like its just fallen off the moon and my hair is all out of sorts. Throwing on a pair of workout pants just doesn't seem like a great idea.

Now there is perks to this gym including a massage chair and I have done a quick 60 minute workout which really was amazing but can I repeat that...not in this heat.

I appreciate my new gym and try to get a workout in pretty soon its just boiling hot and makes for a deadly combination when you try to work out then head back out in the hot weather.

That said I might take up running thru water....

photo by Zach Primozic Boxer at Belmont Harbor, Chicago 

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