Saturday, June 18, 2016

WorkIt! LinkedIn being bought by Microsoft.

As you may have read on Monday that Microsoft purchased LinkedIn

It really is not surprising but, now you as a worker bee someone who values a 'professional network' feel the encroaching presence of another company into your lives. You value Facebook as a 'social' network and don't want to mix the two worlds together.

Yet, I think it was Ray Kurzweil whom predicted the merge of social professional networks a while ago.

The fact that humans are social mammals doesn't help the argument against the inevitable merge.

So what are you to do about your job skills, search for knowledge and general professionalism needs?

One you can make two profiles, two you can join other 'professional organizations' like AWPA or IFMA, thirdly you can refrain from being a public persona complete with social and professional connections meaning you make a 'hard' choice to keep one side of your life off-line or severely limited.

One way you can see this being done is getting verified accounts this usually involves a marketing/communications firm working on your behalf. Another is you enlist the help from software programs from

Eventually, you will either succumb to the merge of social / professional or you will leave your digital footprint behind so many firewalls it will inhibit your ability to connect with others.

Its a choice.
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