Monday, July 25, 2016

Christmas In July : 2nd Harvest still needs your help

I have volunteered with 2nd Harvest off and on for the past five years or so.

Check out the info today and consider donating to them

Second Harvest Food Bank

Dear Patricia,
I'm excited to announce that Second Harvest is launching a new strategic plan to serve 40% more people by July 2019. We know that there are far more people who are food insecure than we currently serve and want every hungry person in our community to have a solution to find food.
So we've set out to understand what we need to change. We're conducting a research project that to better understand the people who are receiving food from the Food Bank and who we're missing.
Could it be where our distribution sites are located or the hours they operate? Do we need to adjust how we determine which Second Harvest program best matches each client's needs? Hunger is rapidly evolving as the cost of living in Silicon Valley continues to climb and we're prepared to evolve with it.
Donate Now
With your help, we will:
  1. Better understand the people in our community who are at risk of going hungry.
  2. Customize the services we offer to people in order to more efficiently connect them with food.
  3. Locate hot spots of need and redirect our efforts to those high-need areas.
We cannot realize this bold new vision by ourselves. We're relying on the dedication of our staff, a wide array of local partners, school and community leaders, and you, our supporters.
Thank you,
Bruno Pillet
Vice President of Programs & Services

P.S. We look forward to sharing updates on your increased impact in the community over the next three years. Thanks again.
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