Sunday, July 3, 2016

Christmas In July : A cuppa of kaffe

I was very fortunate to work downtown San Jose to witness and experience something that really does work.

Purchasing Power.

In my series of Christmas in July posts I try to express how giving can be transformative.

Even a cup of coffee makes a difference.

Kartma Street Cafe sits at the corner of Market and Santa Clara.

You can walk up and buy a cup of coffee for $4.50 the same price you will pay for the coffee at any of the neighboring name brand coffee shops nearby.
The difference well ..

 It is Coffee on a Mission and it is really good using Chromatic Beans which helps me get going in the morning.

But i would be lying to you if it was not the people I meet. People I know whom are or were living on the street at one point or another.

One Person whom on a cold day in December starting working at Kartma. It was his first day of training and learning how to make coffee after being homeless and in shelters.
The day I took this iconic tshirt picture was also the day 6months later he told me he had just gotten housing.
For the first time he had a place of his own. A place that was his alone.

Yes, it is very scary when you see homeless on the street but the reality is that you can make a difference just by buying a cup of coffee

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