Friday, July 1, 2016

Christmas In July : DeCluttering is Giving?

Being lazy like I can be at time means I have to reinvent ways to donate or support charities.

Thank goodness for decluttering. I use to give a bag or two of clothes and stuff once or twice a year.

Now I am like on a 6 week cycle ..sometimes I give twice a week once electronics and once clothes and odd socks.

I have two suits that most likely I will not wear ever. I have held onto these suits because well these suits fit (or did before I lost weight).

Now I can give the suits or raise money with them just like others do. Which seems great but the reality is you are just decluttering.

So what to do? There is a little sentimental value to the suits and I might need one for court one day ???

Yet, my 'noble' intentions are quite selfish that is a bad thing??? Well The Closet Therapist actually answered that for me.

So do declutter ...everything

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