Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Christmas In July : Drinking the Wrong Water?

Earlier this year I found myself with one bottle of water in my hand that I thought was doing good and making a difference.

I was wrong.

Ethos Water is part of the Starbucks brand now. Ethos is also part of the Lucerne Food process or basically the same water as pepsi uses.

It seems the whole bottle water industry is trying everything to make drinking it better for the planet

Yet, what about drinking water in places that don't have it?

Drink Wine instead? Since water is literally essential to wine making there is an invested interest making sure that others drink water too. Clean drinking water.

Wine to Water has resources and program to help those in developing communities get clean drinking water.

Since its inception, Wine To Water has been dedicated to providing clean water in sustainable and repeatable ways to as many people as possible.  And, although we are realistic that we, by ourselves, cannot resolve the water crisis quickly, we know we can serve a person, a family, or a community every day. 
In fact, by the generosity of our supporters, this dedication to serve has resulted in over 400,000 people in 24 countries receiving clean water.  To us, this is the overlapping and compounding ripple effect from drop in the bucket efforts that happen every day all over the world by those who care enough to take a step for the sake of others.

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