Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Christmas In July : Fight MS with information and your donation

As you can guess I get a lot of newsletters about things I care about. One of those is MS. I have met people and am related to people whom have MS.
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July 2016
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Dave, diagnosed in 1974

Gut Bacteria Linked to MS Inflammation

Harvard researchers found significant differences between the gut bacteria of people with MS and without MS — and between treated and untreated MS — adding to growing evidence of the possible influence of gut bacteria on immune activity.
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William, diagnosed in 2002

Speak for Yourself

25-50% of people with MS report speech or voice changes during their disease, and 30-60% experience cognitive changes that impede communication.
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Doctor writing a prescription

FDA Approves Zinbryta™ for Relapsing MS

The latest immune-modulating therapy approved by the FDA for people with relapsing forms of MS, Zinbryta™ is a concentrated form of daclizumab taken every four weeks.
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Every Connection Counts

From fundraising events to influencing policy to giving financially, everyone can make a difference.
Michelle, diagnosed in 2001
Workout Your Worries
Be our guest on August 9 to learn more about easing the symptoms of depression and anxiety with movement.
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Breakthroughs Start with You
The Society is the catalyst for all major advancements in MS research. Until July 29, 100% of your gift goes to research.
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Jennifer, diagnosed in 2000
Dealing with Spasticity
Join the discussion — how do you manage these involuntary muscle spasms and the stiffness, tightness and/or pain they cause?
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MS stops people from moving. The National MS Society exists to make sure it doesn’t. We are a collective of passionate individuals, moving together to create a world free of MS.
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