Monday, July 4, 2016

Christmas In July : From Me to You for Them : Subscription boxes

One thing I like to be is a consumer. One thing I really like is getting stuff in the mail. Admittedly, starting a fan club would be the way to go but, instead I learned about monthly subscription boxes and became a little more than obsessed.

One thing I realized was I was giving up to $50 a month away for products I may or may not even need. Worse, I felt guilty for hording box after box of packaging material.

So when I decluttered my subscriptions I looked at boxes that did a little more than keep the USPS in business.

You may want to spend money for good and here are three subscriptions that do that.

Loved and Blessed is a monthly based box in Los Angeles and your ten dollars makes a difference for Union Rescue Mission that helps homelessness.

Love with Food  is an subscription box that while you nosh on goodies like I did from sweets to savory; they donate to a food bank in America.

GlobeIn is actually right down the street from where I now work. They may be in California but every box has a story of empowerment for someone on the other side of the world

I actually do three month subscriptions (sometimes 6 is just as well because the stuff is just AWESOME ).

Trust me, you to can get and give ....because the alternative:

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