Saturday, July 30, 2016

Christmas In July : So much Hope

This one is going to be tough so if you don't want to cry or get the "feels" go read now.

Okay still with me? Great, now get some Kleenex because you are going to need it me.

I like to work for nonprofits and one I did work with was Hope Services

Just to give you an idea start by reading their newsletter and sign up to get it too.

Next, every morning I get on a bus and then joined by other riders.

4 to 5 other passengers are Hope Services clients.

At 6:30AM they are getting on the bus to go to their work and classes.

What are you doing at 6:30AM....the same thing, right?

Hope Services delivers a range of services for people with developmental disabilities of all ages. For over 3500 participants and their families, from infants through seniors, Hope provides children’s services (age 0-3); after school programs; day services; employment and job training; mental health services; senior services; and community living services.

There is over 1 Million people in San Jose alone nearly 3 Million in the entire Santa Clara County this agency is helping those whom would be without services. Hope Services is enabling each family and individual to contribute in society make that difference.

The mentally disabled have a higher unemployment than any other demographic ...the average person can get a job anywhere most employers don't hire people with disabilities due to fear.

Work Activity Services provide paid and non-paid work through contracts with the businesses. Program participants also receive life skills training and academic enrichment through local adult education and community college staff training at most Hope Services Work Activity Services sites. Hope also offers specialized job coaching through theCommunity Employment Program.
Now you think there has got to be a way to get them started in a program quickly..

try at birth and read about Ashlynn:

Ashlynn was born as a Tox Positive baby

with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and intrauterine drug exposure, and spent the 1st year of her life in withdrawal. She was adopted when she was a few days old and has received services from Hope since she was five months old. With Hope’s in-home therapist providing dedicated skill development and training for Ashlynn’s family and teachers, her sensory processing skills are improving.

Read more about ourHomestart Service to find out how Hope assists children with developmental disabilities.

so many others stories are worth telling and ensuring their success please donate to Hope Services Today
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