Saturday, July 2, 2016

Christmas In July : Work It! Nonprofit.Linkedin

I was inspired a few years ago to attend a meeting where LinkedIn showcased their new platform for Nonprofits. I know LinkedIn is a for profit company and showcasing nonprofit platform is akin to putting a beautiful dress in a picture window because you still want the money from the dress. I digress.

The thing is the platform really does work. I have found a ton of jobs and volunteering opportunities thru this platform

So here is a snippet from their website
Encourage supporters to promote your cause
Your volunteers, board members, and supporters are already your strongest advocates. Encourage them to add LinkedIn’s Volunteer and Causes section to their profiles so they can showcase their service and champion your organization across their professional networks simultaneously.
The fact of the matter is some volunteer/parttime positions can easily turn into full time paying jobs over a period of time. Equally, I found an organization near my new job that happens to need volunteers which is awesome! 
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