Thursday, July 28, 2016

Christmas In July : Your Nonprofit and its on Facebook

A lot of people start nonprofits for lots of reasons and now even Dogs are getting into it Check out Preston Speaks and how they became a nonprofit

You may have noticed we have a new name - the Preston Cares Network. A year and half ago, some members of Westie Rescue Indiana (WRI) did not want to continue on. Instead of stepping off the board and allowing the remaining board members still dedicated to the cause of helping the little white dogs continue their mission, they retained a lawyer and dissolved the organization. As a result, the Westies in the Kentucky and Indiana area were left without the safety net of a breed-specific rescue. Well, we couldn’t let that happen.
To fill this need, we have formed the Preston Cares Network, a non-profit 501(c)3 serving the states of Kentucky and Indiana. It is named after and affiliated with Preston from which many of you already know. Also, you will be happy to find familiar names and faces of dedicated volunteers you have probably talked to, adopted from, or saw at WRI Westie Walks.
As we embark on this new journey to create a rescue that doesn’t just fill this need, but sets the foundation for future success, we need your help! We have started from scratch with a group of volunteers and some dogs already in foster care, but without any of the resources we helped raise or create for WRI.
To help us be successful we need:
- Donations to operate the rescue and pay for Westie medical bills
Our paypal email is
- Volunteers to foster, adopt, transport, and fundraise
- Applications from individuals looking to adopt a Westie
So please, help get the word out by sharing this with your family and friends (not just on Facebook), and if you are able, consider donating of your time and money to help westies in need.

First, we want to say a huge THANK YOU for the outpouring of support over the past couple of days! I know many of you have offered to help with foster homes, volunteering, transport, etc. We are still trying to get back to everyone today  But the first step is to complete a volunteer application and get it back to us. Our insurance requires us to have these signed and returned before anyone can volunteer.
Here is a link to download it: or if you want us to mail you a copy please message us here on Facebook or and we will get it in the mail to you asap.
Once you are an official volunteer you will be invited to a private Facebook group just for us cool folks that want to help the little white dogs  
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