Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July : Christmas In July : Serving is Volunteering

I do not want to admit that the next World War is actually happening but the fact is that with technology connecting the globe if something happens over 4000 miles away we know it and want to respond.

That said nearly 70 years ago it took an exceptional amount of time for events to affect us in the US and then there was a draft where volunteering was something you did because you would go to jail otherwise.

Today, civilians need to support those whom served our country. Finding opportunities can be a bit of a catch-22.

Check out a database of where you can find an opportunity to help those whom served in our military.

About is a program of the Veterans Innovation Center (VIC). The VIC accelerates improvements in the quality-of-life support for Service Members, Veterans and their Families. The VIC is an all-volunteer organization.
All technology and support was generously donated by, the nation's largest online military community. Other important collaborators include Google, ServiceNation, BENS, and countless thought-partners from DoD, VA and the nonprofit sector.
The VIC is operated by the Veterans Coalition (501(c)(3), established in 2006 by several leading Veteran Service Organization. The Veterans Coalition is chaired by Harry Walters (ret. VA Administrator) and enjoys an extensive advisory board of senior veteran leaders from business and government.
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