Monday, July 11, 2016

It is really hard ...

I do not have the answers ...I do not understand the questions and there is an ache that is not going away but growing bigger and bigger every time.

I swear the media establishment has developed an undiagnosed mental illness in conjunction some political candidates need a blue handicapped card on their lapel not the perennial US Flag Pin.

I am trying to continue the Christmas In July but how can I ask people to give more money when they may very well be out of cash themselves?

How can I give blog space to a charity that may or may not be the right one to feature right now?

Why don't I just stop for a second, take a beat and then resume?

There is no right answer to these questions partly because these questions are not being asked instead I am being asked about my thoughts on events that are happening in my neighborhood and in my country that I really honestly have no participation in.

I question the questions, I wonder if there is someone behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Worse, I can not believe it is all so real not because I am that naive but I have met so many on the same side that will give me a different answer every time I ask.

So this week I will just post one post a day and it will be a repeat from the past Christmas In July.

Because honestly....I just CAN NOT .
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