Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Last Christmas In July Post for This Blog

For the past 9 years I have cajoled many people to give money away.
Seriously, I am a pest.

I do it every chance I have a cause or event or place.
The fact that I have a space on the internet to promote said "passion" is very, very dangerous for me.
I get really fanatical about it and when I ask people about it ( Did you read my blog? Did you go to the website? ) they run, no sprint the other direction.

Yet, those reactions do not deter me from continued pursuit of making people give money away.

Why? I don't have money to give away to all the worthy events, charities et al.
You know what though?
I don't have to. I have bought cups of coffee with Kartma and I have volunteered with One Brick and I have supported nonprofits on Kickstarter all with some resounding success.

But there is so much more to do.

Yet, I am going to die and I can not spend my last breath exasperated that I did not convince so and so to give away $20 for a great cause.

I have to live and thrive and maybe cajole people by being an example or letting them ask me how i do it.

One thing I like about ending this blog is I might get the opportunity to listen more and enjoy the experience thru someone else's eyes.

That is not to say on my Tumbler or my other Travel blog that I won't try to hint (HINT) at some great opportunities to unburden yourself of some benjamins or two.

I am transitioning this blog to the top shelf of the closet in a very nice box.
I usually would do repeats for August as its another long month before Labor Day and the Holiday Season.
I decided I would do pictures for the entire month. These are pictures I have taken and there may be a dirt or thumb shot in the mix but I won't really have much more to add to the conversation.
2016 has been a year of anguish, heartbreak and unforseen anger that I can not have fathomed previously.
Worse, I am completely inept at explaining or being a sounding board for the obscene tragedies that mar this year in ways that just leave you speechless.
So enjoy another couple days where silence is a reprieve from the noise.

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