Thursday, September 1, 2016

AAAANNNNDDD WE'RE BACK...Got Christmas Cards Ready?

Phew ! Two months and two really hard months of blogging prep.
July was exceptionally hard due to the strife and horror that was happening outside our doorsteps and in our communities.
I appreciate everyone whom read my last Christmas In July posts. I have picked up the baton so to speak and will be walking on Saturday, October 8th for the Alzheimer's Association ( you can donate to support here $5 is great help!).
Then in November I am hanging out with Zoe Ambler  for a writer's shindig ( again $5 totally helps here  ).

In between I will probably prompt you more than a few times to help out.

That said remember my obsession with holiday cards? Well, its back in full force so, if you would like to receive one this year leave a comment or Tweet at me @SwimPatricia on Twitter.

Why? Well remember I am now a "Declutterer" and I went into my storage ...I found more holiday cards complete with envelopes and well ...they gotta go so sign up today to get one !

Other than that there is a lot going on and just 6 more months or so and this blog will also head to the top shelf of the closet ( right where my hand weights are???mmmm maybe those should come down? ).
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