Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blogs I don't read anymore

While there are lists out there to tell you how to start your day and books that will make you smarter no one does a list of who they don't listen to anymore.

Well, here is my list ...

Admittedly, there is a once in a while check but for the most part my daily reading has changed and its really time that we talk about why more than the what.

  • Girl With Curves / Tanesha Awasthi  After she rebranded her website I was already on the fence after the rebranded site and somewhat condescending YouTube videos pretty much told me what I already knew. I had nothing in common with her except for being overweight. Yes, she has great fashion but the reality is more than that. She was traveling more and doing more publicity. The last time I saw her was at the BossNotes Event. 
Just there her image changed and she failed a few times to properly mention that her posts were sponsored. Her self promotion game was good really good but, she wasn't giving new information and the self promotion was starting to smell stickly sweet like bad caramel sauce. I just didn't bother anymore. 

  • BayAreaSportGuy  This is a local guy gone good then very very bad. This year marked a lot of change and sadly some just plain bad management. Aside from a website/format change. The site was crashing constantly I forget if it was Go Daddy's fault or whomever he used but there was some significant hosting/web coding problems. Next up, the San Francisco Bay Area encompasses a lot of teams and there was a huge amount of stuff going on but there was scant reporting on it. Yes, some of the contributors got real jobs and there was a loss in the family but, still some huge events on even the local level were just passed over for what I can only call a perpetual vendetta with the 49er team. Aside from Giants talk there was consistent and if not pointed jabs for the 49ers. The whole picture was and still is to a point incredibly slanted and bias. Given the local media houses bloodshed over the past summer maybe BAGS can capitalize but he has yet to give a damn about the farm teams that are basically right next door. 
  • BenDoesLife  While I found his posts to be sporadic at best I had felt some hope that this guy lost weight. Instead earlier this year out of the freaking blue He announced he was walking across America. Awesome right? Not so much as I had serious doubts about him completing it and his motivations. Instead he proved to be a grifter and that is something I abhor so if I read about him its usually to see how much weight he gained/lost/gained and lost again. 
  • RichKidsofInstagram I am not reading this in part directly because of Wentworth Miller Facebook Note titled Snapshot  In it he addresses the reader at the end in what are you participating in when you share a photo whether authorized or not. What narrative are you promoting. Rich Kids of Instagram is not helping anyone. For the most part RKOI is not hurting anyone. Yet, the 1% that we all rally against is promoted here to abandon and the promotion of what skinny girls are and how many cars one has ? Its a distorted view and not a positive one. 
  • Gawker / Valleywag Due to bankruptcy the valleywag that stands in the corner by the plant is not longer fun and willing to poke fun. Its a memorial for what we called tabloid journalism. Gossip is what gossip is not completely truthful but not a total lie either. Was outing Peter Thiel a bad idea? Probably was it their job to do it ? Most likely because if they didn't then Tim Cook would have done it for him. I am trying to remember when I stopped caring who was gay and who wasn't. I am pretty sure it was around 1988 but then again I am dating myself there. 
The basics are there is a lot of blogs to read and you may find yourself going to these but don't hold your breath if you expect me to recommend them-I won't. 
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