Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dessert: You need it more than you know

I have recently gotten back into the kitchen complete with cooking and eating and developing meal plans.

In part because I rather make my lunch and dinner I have gotten very creative about my dessert.

Oh and I like toast too.

Actually, Toast now is a thing for me. I am experimenting with different breads and trying to figure out how I can start making my own toast.

Trust me my toast is not your average toast.

I have mixed in a few ingredients to spice things up a little....

You see you take the bread put it in the toaster then spread on butter after then maybe thinly slice an granny smith apple sprinkle on some cinnamon and sugar and voila you got a mini apple pie. Trust me its good !

Oh and Dessert is totally acceptable in the morning with coffee and pineapple juice but technically you are having toast ...fancy toast but its dessert.

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