Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How many more days?

As you drink your PSL that has no real spice in it I am looking forward to a full fall and winter with events.

108 days remain until Christmas and there is a lot to do between here and there.

If you donated a dollar a day to a charity you would make a difference equal to 3x that of $108 because every dollar counts.

Unfortunately, I am actually counting down the days until I can vote. I want this circus and farcical of democracy to be over because my intelligence, country and humanity has been insulted over and over.

From hashtags to the debates to the features to the press hyperventilating with baited breath for the next soundbite I am sick to my stomach.

The solutions provided are empty and insulting. The problem of opposing bodies means things will by more stymied in the government. Worse, I don't know if my vote will count.

Tabloid journalism is a money maker so everything (EVERYTHING) is put on the table then repackaged as fecal matter for the buffet hosted by the talking heads on the idiot box (TV).

We have real problems and there are solutions but our government is an case study of where the psychologist patients get to run the hospital really is like.

The lowest common denominator is the metric to review the candidates insulting the voters.

All I can ask for is that you Vote please vote

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