Thursday, September 8, 2016

It bares repeating ...this is the Minority Election

I wrote this a little over 9 months ago and it should be repeated and hopefully everyone will vote.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Minority Election

There has been more than ample remarks about the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election.

What has not been overstated enough is that this upcoming election is one where the new minority majority will actually have more votes than the WASPs previously ever had.

Yes, all the African Americans, Mexican Americans, Chinese Americans have the majority population that is eligible to vote to make their voice (vote) count more than their White Anglo Saxon Protestant counterparts.

The fact the population of the once minorities is nearly 3 to 1 combined their vote will carry the presidency.

Now, who they vote for is a complete gamble and half. The politicians and political action committees are suave enough to confuse and misdirect their preferred candidate perceptions to variety of minorities.

This election will also be an example of whether the mass population has any critical thinking skills ( including the WASPs).

I was surprised Jeb Bush did not have enough capital to continue his campaign in the face of the the mountains of debt Donald Trump is accumulating at a record pace. Equally, the dogged eared campaign finance behind Ben Carson and Rubio is making me concerned that California will be sold to China.

While Hilary Clinton calls New York home, her checks are cashed here in California.

Texas is surprisingly divided into more candidates than apple pie a' la mod.

So the minorities have the finances and the voting power to make or break the 2016 Presidential Election....let's hope they do step up to the voting booth because if the minorities do stay home and away we may very well end up in a very bad remake of a 1996 movie.
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