Thursday, September 15, 2016

Massage Chair and Hydromassage Bed

Ten years ago I got the chance to get a chair massage and I did not know what the purpose of that was. Since then I had the opportunity to organize massages for 24 people and when someone asked me I told them where to go to get a massage in downtown San Jose.

It was not until recently courtesy of my membership with Planet Fitness that I really got the value of the Massage.

I had just finished the first part of a meat grinder summer for me. It was a hard three months for me from my heart to my head to my feet to my wallet it seemed nothing was working.
I did not have anything to complain about except that sometimes I missed doing something because I couldn't go and do it.
I would go to the gym instead and after a workout I would head to the massage area because for five minutes I didn't have to think and usually don't.

The HydroMassage bed is usually one I head to after a particularly hard workout that was more muscle than sweat and I need to forget something anything.

I usually go to the Massage Chair after a hard cardio workout and 5 minutes works for me enough.

As I get my massage recently I was so appreciative of the silence, the hum of the machine working and the dim light reminded me to relax.
I was finally breathing normal. I forgot how to do that somewhere someplace. I was able to breath again.
It was a small moment but how many times have we felt our chest tighten like a compression strap around our chest and not release it.
Taking a deep breath and exhaling I started to realize that I made it thru the summer complete with my head on my shoulders and gratitude in my heart.

So yes, those massage chairs in the Mall spend $3 for five minutes is totally worth it way more than you could know today.

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